The building of Kahramanmaraş Görteks Join-Stock Company was started in 1987 and it was finished in 1988. Görteks Join-Stock Company started textile by producing weaved material on its 4 Terrot-make cylinderic weaving machines. It worked on weaving until 1996 by increasing the number of machine parks from 6 in 1998 to 8 in 1990.

In this time it produced many kinds of material and sold a great deal of productions especially to Istanbul market. It sold its weaving machines in 1996 and stepped forward to enter yarn production. To do this it searched the markets in detail and began a new building using bank credit and its own opportunities. In 1997 the building finished and started producing carded yarn with tricot and knitting torsion in 7200 spindle-ring capasity, It has been continuing yarn production increasing its spindle capasity to 12000 in 2000, to 16800 in 2002, and to 21600 in 2003.

Kahramanmaraş Görteks Join-Stock Company started yarn production with cotton fibres as raw material, and continued to produce yarn non-stop until 1998 in various sizes in the direction of market demands. However, in April, 1998, on the demand of Adana Özbucak Join-Stock Company it used poliester-viscon fibres as raw material, and it produced yarn approximately for 4-5 years in various sizes with weaving torsion cut, pes %50 / vis %50 mixture. Also, in regard of laboratory results it made itsef a place of in most quality yarn of the world. Towards the end of December, 2002 it returned in the market again and it began using cotton as raw material. The cotton it processed was Aegean type, and in regard of laboratory results it was in the place in world classment. These results are decided by Uster Tester-4 apparatus.

140 people have been working in Kahramanmaraş Görteks Join-Stock Company now. Daily production capasity is about 10 tonnes, while it may change according to yarn number and twine.

Kahramanmaraş Görteks Join-Stock Company has been trying to introduce itself in Turkey and in the world by its new steps and projects. To do this machines and the professionel personnel have been working day and night non-stop and producing various yarn.